Think about it for a second….what is the reason for you to spend large amounts of money annually and taking time off your day to do a skincare routine? For the majority of people the answer will most likely be: to prevent your skin from aging and maintaining its glow.

Unfortunately, there are different ways how you can do the opposite – accelerate wrinkling, make your skin dry (even flaky) etc.

Here are my biggest skincare mistakes so far that have done no good to my skin. I have recognised these mistakes now and have learnt from them.

Using very warm or even hot water to cleanse my face or body.

(For dry skin type)

Skincare mistake

My skin has, always, been dry and even flaky. Cleansing my face or body as a part of the daily skincare routine, I used to use very warm and even hot water.

That is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made when taking care of my dry skin. It is a big no no if you have this skin type.

The hot water makes your skin even more dry and creates flakes on your skin. Your skin loses moisture.

For cleansing your face or body use a room temperature water or even cold water, if you are up for it.

Cold water is energising and increases your blood flow.

I, personally, enjoy cold water. It really feels refreshing and boosts my energy levels.

Using a lot of body or face creams that contain fragrance.

(For sensitive skin type)

Sensitive skin has to be treated with caution. It protests some skincare products due to their ingredients (sulphates, parabens, fragrance, dye).

As, I have sensitive skin, I have noticed that body or face creams that contain fragrance irritate my skin and cause redness.

Victoria’s Secret and Michael Kors creams are a great example. They contain fragrance and are not very gentle to the skin.

I used to use these kinds of products a lot and realised that I should find alternatives that are gentle to my sensitive skin.

Now, I like to use, for example, Victoria’s Secret creams for their smell, but only occasionally.

One of the best products ever for moisturising my dry & sensitive skin on a daily basis has been JOHNSON’S Baby Oil (Aloe Vera in particular).

Even if its target audience is babies, it does not mean that adults cannot use it. It is one of the best products due to it being gentle to a baby’s skin. That means it will be extremely good to your skin as well.

The product has pleasant, soft and neutral scent + the oil absorbs in your skin nicely and isn’t sticky. It has an average rating of 4.5 stars from thousands of reviews on Amazon.

The product link is here:

Original: (Amazon)

Aloe Vera: (Amazon)

Not using sunscreen on my face (even on hot & sunny days).

(For all skin types)

Piz Buin sunscreen

During sunbathing season you might think: “I want my face to get tan faster, so I will skip the sunscreen”.

At least I used to think that…

This is, definitely, a mistake that I know I would regret for the rest of my life, if I didn’t stop doing it.

As I am still in my early 20s, I haven’t seen the most negative effects of it, but I know that I would eventually.

Sunscreen protects your skin from cancer, accelerated aging and dryness. It is a skincare must all year round as a part of your daily routine.

If you don’t use it, your skin will wrinkle faster, lose moisture (when the Sun is strong). In addition, your skin will get sunburnt, which hurts, does not look good and may cause your skin to come off.

So, if you want your skin to stay young and healthy longer, please, avoid this mistake.

Using face cleanser too much throughout the day.

(For dry skin)

Skincare mistake

I used to wash my face with a cleanser every day at least 2 or 3 times per day. It may be good (even necessary) for oily skin owners, but for people with dry skin it is a mistake.

Cleanser causes further skin dryness. Therefore, doing it too much is not really beneficial for your already dry skin.

Now, I am washing my face with a cleanser 2 times a day, but not every day. I like to skip it some mornings and just do it in evenings.

Another + from this: you are using less product every day, so it will last longer!

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