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La Mer vs Nivea – a review.

Have you ever wondered , if it is worth spending hundreds of pounds on a face cream or are the creams available for as low as 4£ equally effective?

I have tested both LA MER The Moisturising Cool Gel Cream ( RRP 135£ for 15ml) and NIVEA Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream for face, body and hands (RRP around 4£ for 200 ml) for a week to compare them as one of the World’s most expensive and one of the World’s cheapest face creams and review them as individual products at the same time.

The product links are available below:

Nivea: (Amazon)

La Mer: (Amazon)

Keep reading, if you want to find out, what value each of the products provides for you as a consumer.

Now we know the products individually. Both as moisturising creams. But how do they differ?…


How is it different from Nivea?

  1. Price. While Nivea is an affordable cream for everyone, La Mer is 100% luxury product. Due to its price, you would think about it twice before buying it.
  2. Absorption. La Mer (based on my experience) absorbs a lot more quickly than Nivea. After applying it, in a few seconds, it is gone.
  3. Effect on skin. While Nivea leaves your skin soft, La Mer gives it that “matte” and “velvet smooth” effect.
  4. It has unique ingredients. It consists not only of the usual cream ingredients, but also the “Miracle Broth” – weeds collected from the sea.

My conclusion?

Buy it?

Think about it? I say again – this cream is just excellent in terms of its feel and effect. But, only because of the steep price, it is a luxury item and I suggest you think about it. Can you afford it? Do you feel it will be worth spending this money on a face cream?

Don’t buy it?


How is it different from La Mer?

  1. Price. As oppose to LA MER, this product is truly positioned as a product for any demographic. Its price is excellent and it still fulfils its purpose and moisturises the skin.
  2. It is heavy. Nivea creams are more thick and heavy as oppose to lightweight La Mer creams. It can be a good or a bad thing. Depends on your preferences.
  3. It is a convenience product. Due to its price, you don’t have to think about it twice before buying. Evelina’s tip: You can buy more of these creams and keep them in different bags you are using to always have a moisturiser with you.

My conclusion?

Buy it? Go ahead and buy it. It is not the absolute best cream on the market, but it is still a good moisturiser and its price allows you to buy it, easily, and test it for yourself. Evelina’s tip: if you don’t like it on your face, you can use it for your body or hands.

Think about it?

Don’t buy it?

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