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GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask – review.

Yes or No to the GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET™ Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask?

Let me help you with your decision by providing a review of it based on my very recent experience. I will be honest, I chose to try this mask for its bubbling feature rather than its effect, but I was eager to test its effectiveness and confirm to you whether it, actually, works.

I have prepared a brief summary of the product and below that – the process of using the mask with pictures and my conclusion on whether to buy it, think about it or not buy it.

The product link is available here: (Amazon). The price of the mask is 9$, but you may pay more due to delivery costs.

So, lets get to it!

1. The physical appearance of the product.

It is a typical sheet mask in black colour containing a transparent substance that is said to deeply cleanse your face.

2. The application and waiting process.

When applied to your face, it will, increasingly, create more bubbles on your face until it is covered in a thick (around 1 cm) bubble layer. You will feel the bubbling on your face and it is an interesting feeling (in a good way). Besides, this mask is amazingly gentle to sensitive skin. I have a sensitive, dry skin myself and most masks (including other GLAMGLOW masks) create a burning sensation for me, but this mask didn’t at all.

3. The final result…

After rinsing the mask off and touching my face, it really felt clean, dirt and oil free. And the brand states that the mask reveals a glow. In my experience my face was, literally, glowing, which is also evident in the picture next to this paragraph. I did not use any moisturisers or oils – it was all GLAMGLOW bubble mask.

My conclusion?

  • Buy it? go ahead and buy it. Even though it is not the cheapest mask in the market, it is still reasonably priced and trying it even once will let you see the effects of it yourself and if it is worth buying in the future. I believe it has a value as it fulfilled its purpose.
  • Think about it?
  • Don’t buy it?

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