Yes, you heard me right. On this page of the blog, I give YOU the opportunity to earn a little bit of extra money & save money on different products & services. Get paid for doing virtually nothing!

I have posted some links for you, but it will always be updated & new links will be added in the future. If you sign up, you will get money or different bonuses for free!

While some apps will give you free money, some will help you to save money, which is awesome.


COINBASE is, honestly, the best place to get free money. It is a cryptocurrency trading platform with a user friendly dashboard. Therefore, it is perfect, if you are a crypto beginner.

If you sign up using this link you will get 10$ (or 7.44£) in Bitcoin when you trade 100$ (or 74.38£) in crypto. But it does not end there…now to the best part…

With COINBASE, they offer you to get paid in the future for doing the bare minimum! Occasionally, they offer you to watch a few second short videos & answer 1 question about each video & you get 1$ for each question answered.

Trust me, you don’t have to be a crypto expert to answer those questions (you are given as many chances as you need to choose the right answer).

From that alone in about a year, I have earned about 60$! For doing almost nothing! Of course it is not a lot of money, but hey…it is free.


With HONEY you can save so much money, whenever you are making purchases. It offers you the best deals & coupons from different stores.

When I applied to it first, I noticed that there was a 50% discount in MYPROTEIN stores…wouldn’t have known that without HONEY.

Download it as an extension for your CHROME or SAFARI & every time you will make a purchase, HONEY will, automatically, offer you the best discount codes for your purchase. I have attached pictures below that show, how it works!

Don’t spend money, if there is an opportunity not to!