I am a typical young woman in my 20s from a small country in Northern Europe & passionate about fitness, travel and everything beautiful. 

I have worked in luxury beauty product manufacturing, so I am able to offer you a different insight about beauty products. A perspective from someone, who has seen the product manufacturing.

I have received many compliments about the great condition of my skin and many people have asked me – how do I achieve that? That was my inspiration to start my own skincare blog and share my experiences with you. 

It may have started as a skincare only blog. However, I have many passions in life & I have chosen to expand my blog talking about beauty in general. One of those passions include photography. That is why I decided to combine the beauty of makeup/skincare products & the beauty of photography. As of recently I opened my own beauty product photography store, where you can purchase aesthetic images for your social media feed, background or for any other purpose. 

I am here to help YOU. Whether you need an honest opinion about a luxury face cream, looking for a hair product to get rid of the forever annoying dandruff or wish to create a drop dead gorgeous Instagram feed…doesn’t matter. As long as you find the answers you are looking for & fulfil your beauty goals. Remember….you are gorgeous!