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4 tips to maintain a beautiful skin.

Skincare products – moisturisers, cleansers, lotions etc. are a crucial part of maintaining a glowing, hydrated skin.

But, there are some other important things that you can incorporate in your everyday life in order to prevent your skin from aging and that will make you look and feel radiant and healthy.  

I present to you 4 of my tips to achieve your beautiful skin goals. 

Tip for a beautiful skin.

1. Wear sunglasses on a sunny day.

This tip is directly linked to preventing the wrinkling of the skin.

When you are outside on a sunny day and facing a direct sun exposure, you tend to frown your face in discomfort. By not wearing sunglasses on sunny days to protect you from this discomfort, you may begin to notice wrinkling of your skin e.g. forehead wrinkles.

Obviously, it will not happen in a few days time. But if face frowning occurs for months or years, you will start to see the effects.

You can find sunglasses in thousands of stores (grocery, apparel etc). Just make sure that they, actually, have UV protection, because most of the cheaper sunglasses don’t have it.

My personal favourite brand is Ray Ban. But clothing brand Mango offers a lot cheaper, but stylish sunglasses + they have UV protection (I have taken them to be professionally checked).

The links for both official online stores can be found here (these links are not sponsored):

Ray Ban:


Tip for a beautiful skin.

2. Avoid refined sugar.

Don’t get me wrong: sugar is necessary for our bodies to generate energy. And refined sugar won’t harm you in small, sensible doses. So, you can be relieved – there is no need to eliminate chocolate from your diet.

Natural sugar that you can find in different fruits and vegetables is the good sugar. However, refined sugar or “the bad sugar” that people obtain from sugar canes or sugar beets and process heavily is the one you should avoid as much as possible.

You can find it in cake, chocolate, ice cream, biscuits etc.

In my experience, an extensive consumption of products containing refined sugar results in an increase of skin problems, like, face acne or pimples + it feels like your skin has lost its natural glow.

Tip for a beautiful skin.

3. Exercise.

Exercise improves blood circulation, which means that oxygen and nutrients are delivered to different parts of your body better – including face.

In addition, it helps you to release “happy hormones” – one of them is endorphins, which is a natural pain reliever. All of this results in glowing and healthy skin.

Any activity will do – swimming, running, yoga, football – as long as it gives you joy.

Even if you are not a person, who lives to go to the gym 5 times a week, it’s very ok. You don’t need to force yourself to run 1000s of miles to do good to your health.

Just having a longer walk with your friends in a fresh air for fun will have the same effect.

Tip for a beautiful skin.

4. Wear sunscreen.

Sun exposure is dangerous to unprotected skin. It can cause sunburn, accelerate skin aging (wrinkling) and even skin cancer.

Therefore, a sunscreen on your face with a medium or even high SPF factor (30 or 50) is an absolute must! (the picture is purely decorative).

Ideally, it should be used all year round + included in your daily skincare routine (put on every morning after a cleanser).

My personal favourites are Piz Buin and Clinique. But there are many many brands for you to choose from e.g. Nivea, Neutrogena, Rituals, Garnier and so on.

The product links for 3 different face sunscreens are available here:

Piz Buin: (Amazon)

Nivea: (Amazon)

Clinique: (Amazon)

My Conclusion?

Different bloggers write about how simple it is to take care of your skin and health. It may even seem a little bit cliché, but I, strongly, agree.

Going for a brisk walk, putting on a sunscreen in the morning or having a delicious fruit salad instead of a cake is not a rocket science.

So, it cannot get easier than this and yet, these simple actions will do so much good to your skin on a long-term.

Hope these tips will help you too!

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